Gazelle Pilates is a boutique style studio in Sherman Oaks, specializing in personalized programs that meet your fitness goals. We are the only Pilates studio in the area with a full suite of traditional Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, Barrel, Cadillac and Pilates Chair.


We offer Pilates private lessons. Please see health measures menu option for details about our new Covid-19 climate.


Our mission is to bring balance to your daily life, by connecting your mind and body, and inspiring you to live your healthiest sense of self.


Gazelle Pilates is a classic Pilates studio, meaning we teach as Joseph Pilates, the inventor of all exercises and equipment, intended and as he taught it to his protege, Romana Kryzanowska. All our instructors are certified in the classic Pilates method.




About Sarah


Gazelle Pilates was founded by Sarah Kathryn Olds, a dancer/choreographer and certified Pilates instructor. Sarah takes pride in teaching Pilates by artfully guiding her clients through the process of “getting into their bodies”.


Combining a classical approach with a contemporary eye for BS, Sarah is gentle in her delivery and passionate about getting results. She encourages students to take ownership of their bodies, and make crucial changes toward a healthier mind and attitude.


Sarah works with people of all ages, range of abilities, and skill sets. So whether you’re taking your first step toward a new you, or need some encouragement on your current journey -- Sarah will help motivate you to be the absolute best version of YOU.

Sarah holds several industry certifications, most notable in Pilates. She trained at Pilates Seattle International and Cynthia Lochard’s Pilates Method. Prior to opening Gazelle Pilates, Sarah taught classes and individual clients at Pilates Al Dente in Seattle, Washington. She’s helped hundreds of people just like you achieve real, and visible, results.



Gazelle Pilates now offers Personal Training. Click here  for scheduling or pricing.


Susan A., early 50's

This isn't JUST Pilates...this is "uber-Pilates," this is Pilates like-you've-never-felt-before Pilates. Sarah is a master at what she does. I didn't think I would see results going once a week (I used to do Pilates group classes 2 and 3 times a week!), but she is amazing.  After a few years of not working out (not even my usual walks) Sarah is helping me rediscover my core and waking up muscles I didn't know I had (GOOOD Morning!). She ignores age, complaints :-), excuses, and keeps pressing on. In a good, fun, exacting way. I feel amazing!

Joseph A., early 60's

Ryan has great energy and really knows his stuff.  He combines resistance training and aerobic exercises with traditional pilates to keep things fast and fun.  The pilates really helps me feel strong the next day - instead of just sore. 

Rashi, early 30's

I recently moved to Sherman Oaks and stumbled upon Gazelle Pilates online.  I booked private sessions with Sarah and I've been so grateful for her teachings. I'm new to Pilates so I came in with zero experience. Sarah was so patient with me, allowing me to learn at my own pace and also helping my body through some challenging yet necessary training. She has an eye for proper technique and posture, making sure I'm mindful of the areas I'm trying to engage. Her energy is warm, positive, and motivating. She's provided me with tips that I can utilize outside of the studio, which I am so grateful for!  Looking forward to training again in the near future- thank you, Sarah!

Rashi is also one of the owners and founders

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