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Exclusive Partnerships

Embark on a holistic wellness journey at Gazelle, where we've seamlessly collaborated with Sweet Relief Physical Therapy and Sweet Lyew Massage Therapy to offer you a transformative trifecta of services. Sweet Relief Physical Therapy provides holistic healing and rehabilitation, while Sweet Lyew Massage Therapy enhances your well-being through rejuvenating massages. This collaborative effort aims to harmonize the benefits of physical therapy, massage therapy, and Pilates, creating a sanctuary for complete wellness at Gazelle. Immerse yourself in this unique fusion of therapeutic services and fitness expertise

Hello, I'm Linda Sweet, Certified Naturopath and Medical Massage Therapist at Sweet LYEW ( I'm thrilled to collaborate with Gazelle Pilates to support you in achieving your health, body, and fitness goals. Specializing in Medical Therapeutic Massage for pain relief and improved mobility, Lymphatic Drainage for immune system boost and body sculpting, and Energy work to address any blocks or ancestral bonds. Additionally, my Naturopathic consultations utilize Muscle Response testing to guide personalized natural health solutions. I look forward to working with you on your journey to wellness!


Sweet Relief Physical Therapy Inc., founded in the summer of 2021 within the Gazelle Pilates Studio in Sherman Oaks. I'm Cheryl Adamski, the founder and a seasoned Physical Therapist with over 35 years of experience in Home Health across Massachusetts, Iowa, and California. Joe Pilates once said, "Change happens through movement and movement heals," reflects my commitment to holistic healing.

The name Sweet Relief embodies compassion and care, offering a pleasant and relaxed experience that alleviates pain or stress. I specialize in treating the aging population, focusing on those with functional restrictions, low endurance for daily activities, and individuals recovering from surgery or injury.

Geriatric Physical Therapy is my specialization as I provide a range of physical methods, including massage, heat and cold treatments, and therapeutic exercises, to address disease, injury, or deformity. My goal is to assess, plan, organize, and participate in a rehabilitation program that enhances mobility, relieves pain, and improves your overall quality of life.

Choose Sweet Relief Physical Therapy for personalized care and experience a commitment to positively impact your health and lifestyle.


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